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All That Glitters - Series 2 - The contestant's viewpoint!

All That Glitters - Series 2 - The contestant's viewpoint!

Emma White Jewellery Maker

Hello from Emma 

(All That Glitters series 2 contestant)

Yes it's true, I'm very pleased and excited to be one of the contestants on All That Glitters series 2! I was a huge fan of series 1 and really wanted to try my hand in the ATG jewellery workroom. I am absolutely buzzing that I got there!

What is All That Glitters?

ALL THAT GLITTERS is a competition/talent show format TV show, like The Great British Bake Off, or The Great British Sewing Bee (which is filmed in Sunny Bank Mills, which is in the same Mill where I am based BTW!), but ALL THAT GLITTERS showcases the hard won and rather mysterious skill of jewellery making. If you love those kinds of shows, you will LOVE ALL THAT GLITTERS and if you love, like I do, a bit of bling in your life then you are onto a winner! Your Thursday nights are sorted this Autumn. 

Who is involved?

Presented by the fiercely intelligent and porcelain skinned Katherine Ryan (yes she is actually that beautiful in real life) and judged by the Godfather and Godmother of the jewellery world, Shaun Leane and Dinny Hall, All That Glitters has glamour, humour and the industry expertise to make it a must see for anyone who is interested in beauty, talent and drama.

More about All That Glitters Series 2?

If you'd like to find out more on a weekly basis around my experiences on the show and those of the other jewellers involved then please do give my podcast a listen. Created with my good friend and fellow ATG contestant David J Lilly, we will be chatting about each episode after it airs on BBC2 each week. Our podcast is called 'Little Gems on Jewellery and Life' and can be found on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and all the usual podcast places. Click HERE to find it.

When is All That Glitters Series 2 on?

I hope you will tune in on the 25th August 2022 at 9pm to watch, I haven't seen it myself and won't until the same time that you do so I will be very excited but with a cushion to hide behind, just in case! 

Who is Emma White, jeweller on All That Glitters?

And if you want to find out more about me, these blogs are a good place to start! And check out my instagram accounts (there are two) @the.jewellery.makers, where I showcase the collective of jewellers that you will find here on this website, and @emma.white.jewellery where I am bravely being a little more forward and making it all about me! As part of a collective and a busy mum of 3 I'm used to being part of a bigger picture so putting myself front and centre is quite a big deal for me. If you're looking for my jewellery, there isn't much to see right now, but check out my bespoke page for some samples of my commission work and keep checking in to see my wonderful new collections as they land (there's nothing like going on a TV show to kick your creativity up the arse!) Ideally join my VIP mailing list HERE so that you don't miss out on previews, early bird access, news and views and first dibs on both jewellery and classes and workshops. It could get a little busy so if you want to know first, joining the mailing list is the best way.

All That Glitters - The lowdown

Mostly though, I hope you enjoy watching the show, it was a blast to be part of, a fun, scary, exciting and dramatic experience on every level. Both the best thing I have ever done and the most terrifying. As we approach transmission date, I feel a bit like I've got to the playground and looked down to see I'm only half dressed, did anyone else have that dream as a teenager? Anyhoo, I'm buckling up and getting on this rollercoaster and I may well scream my head off and wee a little bit. Who's coming on this crazy ride with me?


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