Student Stories: Debi Strickland

Student Stories: Debi Strickland

Introducing Debi Strickland. 

Debi is one of our FAB Friday students. She started her journey with us around 2 and a half years ago and hasn't looked back since.

She would never say this herself but Debi has a really great eye for creating modern, very wearable jewellery. Sometimes afraid to use a big torch (think flame thrower...) she can lack in self confidence but really does have the talent and ability to pull off some challenging makes. We know you can do it Debi, you just need to trust in your own skills.

Friday morning students have a strange habit of rocking up in similar outfits. It's really quite funny and a little strange, check out our instagram stories @the.jewellery.makers to see the theme of the week each Friday.

Debi not only makes some great jewellery in class, she's also made a lovely group of friends. They laugh and cry together and are there to help each other when times are tough. It's been lovely watching their friendship grow. 

Jewellery classes are about much more than making jewellery. I think all our students would agree, its good for the mind to escape the stresses of everyday life and let your creativity flow. 



Are YOU ready to start your journey with us.

You don't need any jewellery making experience. Just an open mind and a trust of process.

The sense of achievement when you finish making your 1st piece is incredible. "I can't believe I made that"

Jewellery making as a hobby can help reduce stress and promote a positive emotional state. The perfect form of self-care.

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