Student Stories: Howard Bottomley

Student Stories: Howard Bottomley

Introducing Howard Bottomley...

Howard started coming to class in September 2022 and has grabbed all the learning he can with both hands, from the start we recognised an open and inquisitive attitude towards learning, which makes complete sense, he's a former primary school teacher!

He is one of the Tuesday night crew and a valued member of the jewellery school. He loves a challenging make and maintains a positive attitude even when things go wrong and we love his enthusiasm as he forges forward with his learning journey and celebrates his successes with the gang, whilst encouraging others around him too.

In his 'other' spare time Howard is a keen motorcyclist, rocking up to class in his biking gear and racing off into the evening after class, like the cool dude that he is, off on another adventure.

Coming along to jewellery class enables you to let your creativity flow. The perfect way to escape for a couple of hours a week for some YOU time. Check out some of Howard's pieces below.


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