Emma's Edit: The Diamond and Pearl Ball

Emma's Edit: The Diamond and Pearl Ball

Have you ever visited Goldsmiths’ Hall?

It has been home to The Goldsmiths’ Company since 1339 and is the most magnificent building, opulent and gleaming with gold on every surface. It is truly a sight to behold and I was delighted to attend the @sjcharity Diamond and Pearl Charity Ball, hosted by Presman Mastermelt last month, with the talented goldsmith and freeman @sophie.cunliffe.jewellery at my side.

Would you like to see the jewellery I chose and what I wore to compliment it? 

Welcome to Emma's Edit 'The Diamond and Pearl Ball'



Jewellery first...

I always start with the jewellery, my outfit has to compliment my jewellery, not the other way round, and that’s even more crucial for an industry event. Layering is BANG ON TREND and my paperclip chains are absolutely perfect for this look. I wore 3 of them and linked them into one big long chain and wrapped it twice round my neck, which gave me a silver and gold mix.

The key piece though was this statement necklace'Almost' is an autobiographical piece, a silver hand reaches up to grab a juicy ruby set in a gold bezel, almost touching with outstretched fingertips but not quite there. It’s a piece about always challenging oneself and never giving up. 



The outfit...

The dress is from Wolf and Badger which is now sold out! It’s a heavy cotton with a texture, and is has a simple and structured asymmetric shape, I love the handkerchief skirt.

The embroidered jacket belongs to a really close friend who kindly let me borrow it for the weekend (thanks Louise) It’s a brand called Vilagallo, and is sold out everywhere but they have some beautiful alternatives. It is embellished with gold and silver embroidered stars and echoes the gold and silver combination of metals in my jewellery. If you see it on Vinted, let me know please! I need one of my own.

My trusty gold heels from Esska are a little 70s in style but very comfortable and they held me up all night. A simple black clutch completed the outfit. I was very happy with the look. 

It was a great night!



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