Collection: Laura Brookes

Introducing Laura Brookes - Jewellery Maker.

Laura first started making jewellery over 12 years ago with the initial intent of making simple costume jewellery for friends and family. When she discovering chainmaille techniques, a new jewellery passion was discovered. The challenge of creating a beautiful piece of jewellery from a technique that was functional and used in wartime was compelling and fun.

Each piece in the chainmaille collection is carefully designed to fit cohesively but also display a wide variety of traditional mailling techniques from all over the world, as well as modern silversmithing methods. Traditional European mailing techniques are drawn upon in pieces such as the King’s Chain set and the Cascade set, with Japanese techniques used in the Flower pendant and earrings. Persian styles – misleading in their name, having never originated from Persia! – are also drawn upon heavily in many designs. 

Overall the collection is designed in a way to fuse war with art – creating something beautiful and unique from something previously utilised for function, protection and decoration, an interesting concept.

Making Chainmaille doesn't need lots of jewellery equipment but it does need a steady hand, an amazing eye for detail, patience and precision. Laura works from home, usually with the help of her cat and a bottomless cup of tea! Aside from chainmaille jewellery, her other passions include yoga and swimming, and she is also an avid gaming geek!