About Emma White

Introducing Emma White - Jewellery Designer, Maker, Storyteller, Teacher.

Hi, I'm Emma, I've been working in the jewellery trade for over 20 years now. I am absolutely crazy about all things jewellery. I love to wear it, to make it, to buy it, to sell it. I love all kinds of jewellery, but mostly I am excited about handmade, unusual jewellery that has been designed with love and attention to detail. And yes, it was me on the telly!

Find out about jeweller, Emma and the inspiration behind her jewellery.

Emma competed in the talent/competition format show, All That Glitters, aired on BBC2 in August and September 2022, presented by Canadian comedian and author, Katherine Ryan. Emma reached the final and smashed it, winning both challenges in the final, narrowly missing out on being crowned ‘Britain’s Next Jewellery Star’.

Emma originally fell in love with jewellery as a child, and loved to watch her glamorous mum get ready to go out for an evening, perfecting her look with sparkly jewellery. Emma is from a long line of strong women, the type that knocked down walls and carried the family load whilst still wearing lipstick. This strong femininity is a theme that Emma carries through her work and her life and an ethos that translates to everything that she does.

Emma is a jewellery designer, maker and teacher, originally from Scotland, now living and working in her adopted village of Farsley, West Leeds. Emma makes jewellery to sell, offers a bespoke service for special one off pieces, and teaches jewellery making classes and workshops, from her base in the historic and prestigious Sunny Bank Mills, which is home to many creative businesses.

Emma works and teaches from a large purpose built jewellery studio, fully equipped with everything needed to run a creative and professional jewellery hub. Dramatically decorated with bare brick and dark grey walls, hung with Emma’s own paintings and with touches of rustic wood and brass, it’s a creative space that perfectly balances style and practicality, a bit like Emma herself.

Jewellery designer: Emma’s jewellery is borne of a love of people and the emotions that drive them. As an empathetic and emotional over thinker, all of Emma’s jewellery comes loaded with feeling. Her designs are inspired by life’s journey and the important people and events that come together to make us who we are. Her ability to portray depth of emotion in her designs and the layers of thought that goes into each design is what sets her apart as a jewellery designer and also as a budding writer.

Her most popular collections are a development on from the key pieces she made on All That Glitters and include ‘Held’, the silver hands that were inspired by the protective symbolism of Fatima’s hand, clasping a heart representing the love of a family unit. ‘Answered’ inspired by the decision making YES/NO spinner ring, perfect for deciding not to decide and allowing fate in. ‘Feathered’ inspired by the peacock single statement earring, a piece which was inspired by the dual symbolism of eternal love, love that outlasts life, representing a friend’s loss of her beloved mum. See Emma's collections HERE.

‘The Storyteller’- A nickname coined by the godfather of modern jewellery, Shaun Leane. Emma is a natural storyteller, she is articulate, witty and empathetic. A people person at her core, Emma is passionate and energetic, and everything that she does is inspired by the people around her and the stories that they tell. A mum of three and step mum of three more, she can tell you a story on a variety of topics around motherhood, step parenting and complex family dynamics, to design, fashion and food and can be heard on local radio or appearing as a guest on podcasts and articles discussing topical issues on family life and juggling family and business life.

Teacher: Emma is an enthusiastic and skilled jewellery teacher, she and her small team of experienced tutors offer various ways to learn jewellery making skills. Check out the upcoming courses HERE.

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