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Emma white & the jewellery makers

Clasped Hands Bangle by Emma White

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Twisted and textured wires, interlocking hands and AAA Akoya Pearls invoke a sense of whimsical intrigue, luxury and contemporary class. This is a modern twist on a timeless classic, symbolising friendship, love and tenderness.
The bangle wire, with Emma's signature twisted wire winds around the wrist and the hands clasp at the front, complimented with beaded bracelets around the wrists and stunning Akoya pearls where the bracelets meet the bangle.


The hand part of the bangle is approximately 4cm in width including the pearls. The pearls are 8mm pearls and of amazing quality. The bangle is 3mm thick. This piece feels substantial.

Small - 18cm circumference - Approximately 57mm inner diameter.
Medium - 19cm circumference - Approximately 60mm inner diameter.
Large - 20cm circumference - Approximately 63mm inner diameter.
XL - 21cm circumference - Approximately 66mm inner diameter.

Made From

Sterling silver, AAA Akoya pearls.

Packaged In

A sleek grey gift box finished with Emma's black signature logo and a beautiful black ribbon.


We recommend rubbing your silver jewellery with a silver cloth to keep it tip top. Please remove your jewellery when bathing, showering or swimming. The most common reason for damage to jewellery is it being worn at the gym, in hot tubs and swimming pools or while doing DIY.

Pearls are soft and vulnerable to damage from chemicals, so please keep them perfume and chemical free and they will reward you with their fabulous lustre for years to some.

Storing your jewellery in it's original box away from light and heat will keep it from tarnishing quickly. Avoid contact with chemicals, which can discolour silver, such as perfume, chlorine, bleach, beauty and cleaning products. Please remove your jewellery when bathing, showering or swimming.