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Gemmology Masterclass with Sally Spencer - Saturday 21st September 2024

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One day masterclass with Gemmologist Sally Spencer.

Your day will begin with an introduction to the fascinating world of gemstones, before looking at gemstone durability and what this means for jewellers. 

You will learn how to use a 10x loupe and tweezers to look at gemstones before a brief overview of how gemmologists identify gemstones.  There will be the opportunity for students to try some of the testing instruments for themselves, before learning why correct gemstone identification is so important.

Suitable for any jeweller or hobbyist, regardless of experience, its is all about the stones rather than the type of jewellery being made, as well as anyone interested in gemstones and jewellery who would like to find out more about them.

While the workshop brings together some of the information in the Jewellers’ quick reference guide to working with gemstones, a copy of the book is not necessary for the day. You will have the opportunity to purchase the book on the day if you would like to buy one.

 Information for students

Bring along your reading glasses if you use them.  If you wear varifocal or bifocal glasses and have a pair of prescription reading glasses, you may find it easier to use those rather than your varifocals or bifocals when using the loupe.

 A pen and paper may be useful in case you would like to take notes.

About the tutor

Gemmologist and jeweller Sally Spencer is the author of the Jewellers’ quick reference guide to working with gemstones, written specifically for jewellers to live on their bench and answer any “could I be about to destroy this” questions when working with gemstones.

A Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain and holder of both their Gemmology and Diamond diplomas, Sally now concentrates on sharing her gemstone knowledge and passion with fellow jewellers through her book, writing and classes to help them discover more about the gemstones they work with, aiming to help save them time and money while potentially improving the durability of their gem-set pieces and customer satisfaction. 

The finer details.

Saturday 21st September 2024
10am - 4:30pm

Goodie bag including; Gemstones, jewellerys loupe, setting and more!

A simple light lunch, tea, coffee and biscuits provided.

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