Buying Handmade Rings: Top Tips to Measure Your Ring Size

Buying Handmade Rings: Top Tips to Measure Your Ring Size

Knowing how to measure your ring size can be one of the most problematic parts of buying a ring online, whether for you or someone else. The average ring size for women in the UK falls between finger size L and N, but everybody is different, so there's no easy way to predict what your ring size might be. 

Buying the wrong sized ring can be frustrating and expensive. If you're purchasing an expensive or sentimental ring, getting the size right is especially important because you don't want to risk losing it or finding it too tight to wear. Moreover, while you can be a lot more flexible with sizes for rings that you are happy to wear on any finger, it's still important to have a good idea of the size range you need.

So how do you measure your ring size and make sure your size is right? It can be tricky to figure out, so we're here to help.


Our Experts’ Top Ring Sizing Tips

Rings are measured according to the circumference of your finger. They should fit snugly — not so tight that they feel uncomfortable or not so loose that they can fall off. Our expert jewellery makers have put together a list of their top tips when it comes to measuring your ring size to make the process a little easier for you.

When Should You Measure Your Finger?

Keep in mind that your finger size will change throughout each day and over longer timeframes. Your fingers will tend to be larger in the evenings and can be affected by hormones, weather, medication and more. Given this, it’s a good idea to measure for a ring multiple times over a day — or even a few days — to find the best size for you. 

How Should a Ring Fit?

Ultimately this comes down to what you feel comfortable with. But as a guide, your ring should fit your finger well enough so it won’t fall off, but it should also be loose enough to fit over your knuckle without too much difficulty — and to allow for the natural changes in finger size that happen throughout the day.

How Do I Size For a Wider Ring?

Wider rings need to be a little bigger to feel comfortable, if you order a wide ring, we recommend you order a size larger than you measure with our free ring sizer. We consider a ring wider than 5mm across to be ‘wide’, if you are not sure please get in touch here and we can advise you. 

Note From Our Experts: The thicker the ring, the tighter the fit.

What If I Need an Extra Large Or an Extra Small Size?

Every ring from The Jewellery Makers is made to order so you can have any size you like, or even go a half size in between. We can make a really large or a teeny tiny ring to fit you perfectly. No problem! If you’re between ring sizes or there's a reasonable difference in your size throughout the day, a good thing to bear in mind is that it’s always better to go for a slightly larger size than one that’s too small, so you should opt for that option where it’s available. There's nothing worse than a ring that's too tight on your finger.

To add to the complexity of ring sizes, different countries use different measuring systems. The three most common are:

  • Alphabetical (or Wheat Sheaf) ring sizes used in Australia, the UK and several other countries (for men and women).
  • Numerical ring sizes used in the US, Canada and much of Asia (for men and women).
  • Numerical ring sizes used in Europe (for men and women).

Note From Our Experts: The lower the letter or number, the smaller the size.

You can use either the numerical ring size system or the alphabetical sizing system to order a ring. Both systems are used for men's and women's ring sizes. Jewellers in different countries will be used to their local ring size system, but they should be able to convert the sizes easily enough.

For The Jewellery Makers handmade silver rings, we use the alphabetical measuring system. Please don’t hesitate to contact our lovely team if you require any help in converting your ring size.


How to Measure Your Ring Size

The best way to measure your ring size from home is to buy our simple to use ring sizer and it will fly out to you via First Class post and then you can order any ring with confidence. You will also receive a gift voucher for the value of the sizer which you can redeem against your purchase when you are ready to go ahead, meaning that you essentially get to keep the sizer forever and for free!

To use the sizer fit it to your finger and check you can get it off without moving the slider. It should feel snug over your knuckle and comfortable on your finger, not too tight or too baggy.

When buying rings online, the fear of not knowing your size or worrying about whether you have measured accurately can be frustrating. In our range, we have some stunning rings like the Silver Drilled Seafoam Ring and the Coroin Antique Silver Spoon Ring that can be adjusted by you at home with a gentle squeeze or stretch to tighten or loosen the fit to get it just right.


Ring Size Conversion Table

If you already know your ring size then you are good to go! However, if you need to translate a European size or a U.S. size then you can use this ring size conversion chart to find the corresponding letter representing the size you need to purchase. We work with UK sizes.











3 1/2








4 1/2








5 1/2








6 1/2








7 1/2








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